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What Is Well Inspection And Why Is It Important?

Well Inspection Sacramento CAWhen you’re in the process of acquiring a new home with a well, don’t neglect the importance of a thorough well inspection! Our accredited experts are equipped to scrutinize your water system, ensuring its optimal performance. As a technician trained by WelGard, a renowned warranty provider for wells and their equipment, I am capable of conducting a detailed evaluation of your property. This involves a visual inspection of all components and equipment to ensure they meet our high-quality standards. Our in-depth examination, backed by extensive training, ensures excellent outcomes and gives you peace of mind, assuring you that your major investment is worry-free.

Our seasoned team at Sacramento Home Inspection Pros will execute a rigorous inspection of your well to certify its safety and compliance with all relevant regulations. Following the inspection, a detailed report that encapsulates our findings and recommendations will be delivered to you. We will conduct an electrical check on the pump and switches, verifying their operational status and performance. Our skilled home inspectors will perform a series of cycle time tests on your well, determining its recovery rate as water is utilized. Additionally, they will conduct a flow and yield test to verify that the well produces adequate water and that its replenishment rate is satisfactory.

Here’s why a well inspection is important:

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