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What is Water Quality Testing and why is it important

Water Quality Testing Sacramento CAWater quality testing is a process in which a water sample is analyzed for various chemical, physical, and biological characteristics. These characteristics indicate the overall condition of the water and its suitability for a specific purpose, such as drinking, bathing, irrigation, or industrial use.

Professional water quality testing at home involves a certified expert or a laboratory technician coming to your home to collect a sample of your water for analysis. This service may also be provided by local health departments or private water testing companies. The professional then conducts an analysis either directly onsite using specialized equipment or at an offsite laboratory.

Professional water quality testing typically covers a wider array of potential contaminants compared to home test kits, including heavy metals (such as lead and mercury), various forms of bacteria, viruses, nitrates, nitrites, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, and more. Some professionals can also test for specific contaminants depending on the local environment and known risks.

Here are some reasons why professional water quality testing at home is important:

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