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Sacramento Home Inspection Pros Is A Home Inspection Essential For Your Newly Built Home

Is A Home Inspection Essential For Your Newly Built Home?

DO I NEED A HOME INSPECTION FOR A NEW CONSTRUCTION? Prospective homeowners often ponder one crucial question, “Is a home inspection necessary for a brand-new house?” The response is – Yes. Despite common misconceptions, even newly built home can exhibit issues, some potentially severe. This article highlights the significance of inspecting new construction, underlining the importance of protecting your investment. HOME INSPECTORS: WHAT DO THEY DO? As seasoned professional home inspectors, we assess a new construction’s overall health from foundation to roof, looking for code violations and uncovering safety, operational, and structural faults. And providing a comprehensive report that details the observations. REASONS TO INSPECT A NEWLY BUILT HOME Spotting Construction Defects: Despite being new, properties can possess defects due to

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